The story of Oneiros


Dr. Juha Markkula, a medical doctor, and insomnia therapist Tuula Tanskanen had long been developing workbook-based CBT-I treatment and CBT-I training in Finland, and Juha Markkula’s SleepWorkbook and Tuula Tanskanen’s Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Insomnia Workbook have been widely used in the treatment of insomnia.

Insomnia disorder is a significant economic and public health problem, as it increases the incidence of depression, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and many other common illnesses, as well as the risk of accidents and disability.

Almost every other healthcare client suffers from insomnia, with 30% of the general population experiencing it occasionally and 10% suffering from it chronically each year. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM), non-pharmacological CBT-I or cognitive-behavioral treatment should be available to every person with insomnia. Nearly all individuals suffering from insomnia can benefit from CBT-I therapy.

There has been an increasing desire to utilize current technology to support CBT-I treatment. Specifically, an electronic sleep diary has been requested to facilitate the laborious task of diary entries and performing various calculations. Many people have also expressed a desire to eliminate paper materials, as most individuals are accustomed to managing nearly everything with smart devices, and healthcare is increasingly provided through telemedicine, where paper materials are particularly ill-suited.

Juha Markkula and Tuula Tanskanen decided to join forces and investigate the possibilities of meeting the wishes of insomnia therapists and thus promoting non-pharmacological treatment for insomnia in Finland and internationally. A team of experienced healthcare IT-experts, serial entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking investors, who partnered with clinicians, came together, and this gave birth to Oneiros.

Oneiros’ mission is to provide healthcare professionals with high-quality and user-friendly tools to facilitate and enhance the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

By digitizing CBT-I treatment and the Unity Workbook process, Oneiros provides assistance to healthcare personnel and helps address resource shortages by offering an easy and efficient way to provide effective non-pharmacological treatment for insomnia in accordance with treatment recommendations.